Attack Surface Validation

Expand your organization's security visibility to encompass all potential attack vectors and proactively mitigate emerging risks.


Protect the entire system. Foresee potential risks.

In today's dynamic cybersecurity landscape, it's crucial to have a clear and up-to-date understanding of your organization's attack surface. This includes both internal and external assets, such as servers, cloud instances, applications, and devices. Traditionally, asset management has focused on simply inventorying these assets. However, this approach doesn't provide the insights needed to effectively manage threat exposure.

Picus Attack Surface Validation (ASV) takes a risk-based approach to asset management. It provides a single pane of glass view of your organization's attack surface, allowing you to visualize and prioritize assets and vulnerabilities based on their potential risk.

Why Picus Attack Surface Validation?


Unify your organization's asset visibility by integrating data from various systems and platforms

Picus ASV consolidates data from across your IT landscape, providing a unified view of your assets that empowers you to make data-driven security decisions.


Detect and mitigate security flaws and policy shortcomings

Analyze the security posture of your assets by evaluating their configuration, usage patterns, adherence to policies, effectiveness of security controls, and potential software vulnerabilities.


Rank vulnerabilities based on their severity, likelihood of exploitation, and potential business impact

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your IT assets to effectively prioritize vulnerability remediation and misconfiguration resolution.


Optimize security operations by automating security alert analysis and prioritization tasks

Empower security teams with Picus ASV's asset context to optimize security alert management and incident handling processes.


Establish and maintain a comprehensive compliance program

Streamline security compliance by leveraging Picus ASV's centralized asset data to simplify audits and demonstrate risk mitigation efforts.


Automate asset discovery

Enhance operational efficiency and reduce human error by leveraging Picus ASV to automate asset data collection and aggregation processes.

Seamless integrations to achieve holistic attack surface visibility

Picus Attack Surface Validation (ASV) empowers you to gain comprehensive insights into your attack surface and effectively safeguard your assets by seamlessly integrating with a diverse array of data sources, namely:

    Microsoft Active Directory
    Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP)
    Vulnerability management solutions
    Endpoint and configuration management systems
    External attack surface management tools

Leverage Attack Simulation for Continuous Security Improvement

Empower your organization with Picus' BAS solution to simulate real-world attacks, gain valuable insights into your attack surface, and make informed decisions about vulnerability management and asset protection.


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