Stay proactive with real, up-to-date attack scenarios, continuously improve your cyber resilience with actionable insights.


Is your company protected from cyber attacks? Check it out!
The Picus Security platform continuously and automatically simulates attacks to detect weaknesses. It gives you all the data you need to make informed decisions to improve your security.
Test assets for vulnerabilities, eliminate security weaknesses and get data on the state of your security non-stop!
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Picus evaluates security controls against the entire cyber kill chain with thousands of virtual cyber threats. It shows you exactly where gaps exist and how to mitigate them on prevention and detection layers. Fully continuous. Automatic. Flexible.


The Picus Complete Security Control Validation Platform simulates real-world cyber threats to continuously validate, measure and enhance the effectiveness of organizations’ defenses. It bolsters cyber resilience by identifying threat prevention and detection gaps, supplying actionable mitigation recommendations, and by facilitating a more proactive and threat-centric approach to security.



● Gain greater visibility of your attack surface and understand how attackers could target critical assets.


● Continuously measure the effectiveness of security controls and processes to gauge your threat readiness at any moment.


● Obtain the data you need to focus remediation and mitigation efforts in the areas that will have the greatest security impact.


● Get actionable insights to address gaps more swiftly and maximize the value of existing security investments.



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reLoad: optimise and enhance your cyber defences with
a comprehensive cyber resilience assessment platform

Picus Complete Security Validation Platform continuously validates a company's cyber resilience and helps evaluate and improve the effectiveness of installed security solutions. BAS (Breach and Attack Simulation) technology allows you to simulate a real attack in automatic mode. Thus, instead of looking for attack vectors, employees focus on weak points, analyse the results and strengthen protection.

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Adopt a Threat-Centric Approach
Picus Security

How well is your infrastructure secured? Are your security controls really effective?

If you are starting to think before answering, then welcome to watch the webinar, where we will talk about the solution for breach and attack simulation (BAS) from Picus Security.


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The annual report from Picus Security analysts is here!

Red Report 2024 is dedicated to the 10 most popular MITRE ATT&CK techniques. The report provides cybersecurity teams with strategic insights to help them proactively strengthen their defenses, reduce their attack surface, and adapt their security posture to today's dynamic threat environment.

Protect yourself from current threats: download the report now!

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How BAS Strengthens Cybersecurity: Threat Focus and Advice on Solution Choosing

In this material, we will discuss how BAS provides security teams with continuous information about the readiness of businesses to defend against threats. This allows them to make better decisions and focus on defense.

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Expanding the Capabilities of the Picus Security Platform With New Vendor Solutions

Cloud workloads are becoming increasingly popular because they offer flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness. However, they also create new challenges for security teams who must protect these critical assets from the latest threats.

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The Picus Complete Security Validation Platform improves security performance based on Trellix solutions by integrating ESM, IPS and HX.

The Picus + Trellix IPS platform is the transition from basic security research to dynamically adapting defenses throughout the attack lifecycle.

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Unlock the Potential of Benchmarking in Cybersecurity

Benchmarking is a process in which a company analyzes the performance of another, more successful organization in order to understand possible mistakes in its own and further correct them. In this way, it is possible to incorporate the positive experience of competitors, improve one's own performance and take a more confident position in the competitive market. Read the article about the essence and benefits of benchmarking.

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From pentesting to red teaming:
Security testing solutions compared

Today, companies are paying increasing attention to cyber resilience assessments. Organizations are using different tools, methods and processes for this purpose. It's impossible to say unequivocally that some solutions are right and others are wrong: all have their strengths and weaknesses. In this article, we describe four key solutions for security testing, revealing their features.

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How Financial Firms Can Maximize Security Investments with Security Control Validation

Read this blog to learn how The Picus Complete Security Validation Platform is enabling banks and other financial firms to maximize the value of their investments and reduce the number of person-days required to do so.

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Ten Key Criteria for Choosing the Right Breach and Attack Simulation Solution

The cyber threat landscape grows as threat actors develop new attack techniques and as digital transformation introduces new technologies that increase the attack surface. Consequently, organizations allocate more resources to enterprise cybersecurity solutions.

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Picus Security is delighted to announce the availability of the next-generation security validation platform

The new platform takes automated security validation to the next level.

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Case study: Helping Migros to enhance the protection it receives from its security controls

Migros, a leading supermarket chain and online retailer, checked their possibilities to maintain a proactive approach to safeguarding its critical infrastructure and customer data with The Picus Complete Security Control Validation Platform. What tasks they had and what result they got - read in the article.


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