Cloud Security Validation

Ensure seamless cloud security validation through automated cloud assessment and attack simulation


Uncover cloud security weaknesses to prevent major security breaches

As workload migration to the cloud intensifies, the task of safeguarding against evolving threats becomes increasingly complex.

Picus Cloud Security Validation (CSV) empowers security teams to stay ahead of the curve in cloud security posture management by swiftly identifying prevalent cloud misconfigurations and excessively permissive IAM policies – the primary culprits behind cloud data breaches.

Elevate Your Cloud Security Posture with Picus

The rapid pace of digital adoption, the inherent complexity of cloud ecosystems, and the potential for human error create a breeding ground for critical cloud security gaps. Picus Cloud Security Validation equips you to swiftly identify and address these exposures, fostering a proactive approach to cloud security posture management (CSPM) and cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM).


Conduct a rigorous audit of essential cloud infrastructure components

Uncover critical security gaps that attackers could leverage, including over-privileged user access, unutilized resources, and cryptographic vulnerabilities.


Emulate attacker behaviors to test for privilege escalation vulnerabilities

Simulate real-world cloud-based attacks to expose excessive user permissions and mitigate the risk of critical service compromise. Unlike malicious attacks, these simulations are completely under your control.

Ensure Unparalleled Security for Your Cloud Services

Picus Cloud Security Validation empowers you to safeguard your workloads across all major cloud providers: AWS, Azure, and GCP.


Unlock Strategic Insights for Proactive Cloud Security Management

  • Detect critical errors in the cloud

    Stay ahead of the curve with Picus Cloud Security Validation. We automate regular cloud security audits across AWS, Azure, and GCP, enabling proactive risk identification and mitigation for optimal cloud security posture management.

  • Implement the concept of "least privilege" to prevent unnecessary access and potential breaches

    Picus Cloud Security Validation proactively safeguards your cloud environment against devastating attacks. Its Local Policy Simulator utilizes simulated attacks and the principle of least privilege to ensure attackers cannot exploit excessive permissions and escalate privileges to access critical systems.

  • Close the knowledge loop with actionable steps

    Equipped with Picus Cloud Security Validation, you gain actionable intelligence to navigate the complexities of cloud security. Our intuitive dashboards enable you to track your progress, visualize improvements, and showcase your unwavering commitment to robust security posture.


Explore The Complete Security Validation Platform

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