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Expanding the Capabilities of the Picus Security Platform With New Vendor Solutions

Cloud workloads are becoming increasingly popular because they offer flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness. However, they also create new challenges for security teams who must protect these critical assets from the latest threats.

In addition, relying on a single, diverse source of information to create a complete picture of an organization's IT asset inventory can lead to dangerous consequences. The complexity of today's environment, the rapid pace of digital transformation, and shadow IT assets in networks can leave assets undetected and accidentally exposed to attackers.

So, Picus Security announced the release of new modules — Cloud Security Validation (CSV) and Picus Attack Surface Validation.

Cloud Security Validation  

A solution that extends the Picus Complete Security Validation Platform's security validation capabilities from on-premise environments to the cloud, enabling early identification and prioritization of risks. With two licensed modules, CSV identifies cloud misconfigurations and simulates cloud attack scenarios to identify excessive user privileges and how attackers can use them to compromise cloud services.

Picus Attack Surface Validation (ASV)  

A solution that provides deep visibility into attacks, enabling organizations to move from managing IT assets to risk-based prioritization of vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and security gaps across all environments. ASV collects asset and vulnerability data from various data sources and provides an updated, centralized view of internal and external attack surfaces.

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