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The Picus Complete Security Validation Platform improves security performance based on Trellix solutions by integrating ESM, IPS and HX.  

The Picus + Trellix IPS platform is the transition from basic security research to dynamically adapting defenses throughout the attack lifecycle. The Picus platform simulates complex attack scenarios from the perspective of both the attacker and the victim, using data on current techniques and tactics of real threats based on updates from Picus Labs. This helps assess the effectiveness of security controls and get proactive recommendations to eliminate unknown threats. It is important to note that Picus only uses proven attacks that do not disrupt the company's business processes, guaranteeing no risks.

The Picus + Trellix ESM (SIEM) platform is a transition to a more dynamic and unified approach to cybersecurity. Simulating attacks and sharing event logs allows SIEM to be supplemented with more accurate information about attack detection markers. This integration enables proactive detection of security vulnerabilities while streamlining processes and significantly improving incident detection performance.

The Picus + Trellix HX (EDR) platform is a comprehensive verification, assessment and optimization of security controls. Thanks to the simulation of real cyber threats and advanced detection analytics, the Picus platform allows finer and more precise tuning of EDR policies, which will multiply the solution's efficiency.

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BAKOTECH is the official distributor of PICUS in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Central Asia.


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