Picus Security is delighted to announce the availability of the next-generation security validation platform

The new platform takes automated security validation to the next level

Threats are constantly evolving, making building defences a real challenge for organisations. Despite businesses spending more money on security, cyber incidents continue to rise, and breaches are increasingly damaging.

Since founding Picus Security in 2013, their mission has been to enable security teams to be more proactive and threat-centric. As the pioneer of Breach and Attack Simulation, Picus Security delivers the insights organisations need to understand their threat readiness better and optimise security investments to prevent serious incidents.

Picus Security is investing heavily in the team and technology to expand existing capabilities not only in the field of verification of security solutions but also in other areas.

These changes resulted in an upgraded platform — The Complete Security Validation Platform. In addition to the existing ones, it includes two new Picus products: Attack Path Validation and Detection Rule Validation, which will provide even more comprehensive information for identifying and reducing cyber risks inside and outside corporate networks.


The importance of the automated security validation

In a rapidly evolving security landscape, it's essential to identify and address weaknesses before attackers can exploit them swiftly. That is why Gartner and other thought leaders now advocate a continuous approach to threat exposure management.

Automation is now essential to obtain the level of insight needed to keep pace with the latest threats. Organisations such as the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) have widely recognised the need for automation.

By launching the next-generation platform, Picus enables even small and midsize businesses to perform automated validation efficiently and take swift mitigating action to address gaps. The latest approach to automated security validation means that Picus is committed to helping organisations not only prioritise and optimise but also help them discover high-risk users and assets.

The overall result of the changes is that organisations can achieve a more holistic view of their security posture and more confidently answer questions about their readiness to defend against the latest threats.

More about the latest products

To deliver security control validation at scale, The Picus Complete Security Validation Platform consists of three individually licensable products:
● Security Control Validation — simulates ransomware and thousands of other real-world cyber threats to help measure and optimise the effectiveness of security controls to prevent and detect attacks.
● Attack Path Validation — assesses an organisation's security posture from an "assumed breached" perspective by performing lateral movement and other evasive actions to identify high-risk attack paths to critical systems and users.
● Detection Rule Validation — analyses the health and performance of SIEM detection rules to ensure that security operations centre (SOC) teams are reliably alerted to threats and can minimise false positives.


All Picus products are designed with ease of use in mind and integrate together to provide a seamless workflow. The new platform supports the latest security controls and vendor-specific mitigation recommendations making Picus's solution stand out above the competitors.

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